Store Policy


I am an artist, and you like my art. Thank you for that! I am also one singular person doing all this. I am not Amazon. Orders do not get shipped out the moment you place them. I try to drive to the post office one a week.

I don't set shipping prices. These are all automatically generated by the post office. I know international shipping is a lot. I hate it too. Packaging is discreet if you buy any smut, but customs forms will have the title on them.

International orders MUST include the recipient's legal name in the shipping address. International PO boxes are iffy. Some countries don't allow the importing of adult content, so check with your country's rules before ordering anything 18+. These are not my preferences, these are the post office rules. If you don't follow them, either the USA or your country might reject your package and yeet it into a dark corner of lost packages, never to be seen.

If you accidentally put the wrong address in your order and don't immediately email to correct it, you'll have to place the order again because 9/10 times whoever's house you had it sent to does not return it to sender, and I am much too small of a business to absorb these mistakes.

Bulk orders and wholesale: If you would like to order more than 5 of any particular item, or if you would like to purchase something wholesale to be sold in your shop, please contact me.

Refunds and returns: If an item comes to you damaged, take a photo of it and email it to me along with your order number and I will replace it for free. I do not accept returns.

Privacy policy: I have zero interest in selling your data or using it for anything other than making sure your stuff gets to the correct address. I don't know what Shopify does. Feel free to reject whatever cookies you want.